Understanding Death – Humanity’s Big Challenge

A talk by Tim Wyatt

Humanity faces a bewildering set of challenges – environmentally, socially and economically but above all spiritually. It has many lessons to learn before it can begin to live harmoniously as one family. Perhaps the biggest challenge in the West is to radically re-define our attitudes to death. Once we see our lives on Earth as part of an endless cycle of reincarnation, we can begin to reduce the fear that death still causes for millions.

Nevertheless, a radical shift has begun. More and more people are rejecting the vague explanations offered by religions and science as to what happens when we die. They describe themselves as spiritual but not  religious, and they are seeking deeper and more logical truths. In this talk Tin Wyatt explains how the Ageless Wisdom teachings offer compelling and comprehensive guidance on death, re-birth and karma.

Presented to Bangor Lodge, 9th April, 2019. Sponsored by the National Speaker Charity no. 1167737


Life, Death, and Immortality

‘Inwardly we are Immortal Beings, but we have forgotten, as our thoughts became overlaid with the illusions of our transient nature.’

This talk touches on the twin laws of reincarnation and karma, but tries to give pointers as to how we can regain awareness of our Immortality.

Presented to Bangor Lodge, 26th February, 2019

Sponsored by the Foundation for Theosophical Studies

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Astrological/Theosophical Views on the Winter Solstice

A Talk by Ted Capstick

The esoteric significance of the Winter Solstice through astrology.

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Death for Beginners

A talk by Tim Wyatt

“The intriguing story of where we go, who we meet and what we get up to in between our physical lives on Earth and how to be prepared.”

With extensive Q&A at the end.

Presented to Bangor Lodge, 10th March, 2015.

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The Dweller & The Angel Part II

A Talk by Ted Capstick

An exploration of our dark, and light sides.

Presented to Bangor Lodge, 24th November, 2015

Sponsored by the Foundation for Theosophical Studies

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The Da Vinci Code: An Esoteric Perspective

A Talk by Dr. Scott Olsen.

On tour from the USA

Professor of Philosophy & Comparative Religion, Scott received international acclaim for decoding the geometric mysteries of Plato. His latest book, The Golden Section: Nature’s Greatest Secret has received rave reviews.

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Rebirth – The Soul’s Journey

A Talk by Kate Fletcher.

“The miracle of our birth is but a part of the amazing journey of the reincarnating Soul as it leaves behind the bliss of Devachan to once more face the challenges of earthly life”

Presented to Bangor Lodge, 11th November, 2014

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The Art of Peace and the Science of Living

A talk by Wayne Gatfield, in which he’ll be investigating how to find the calm centre of peace amidst the turmoil of daily life. Sponsored by the Foundation for Theosophical Studies

Presented to Bangor Lodge, 28th May 2013.

A Matter Of Life And Death

A Talk by Kate Fletcher.

“A theosophical perspective on the perplexities of some universal questions. is there a purpose to life? Why is there suffering/ Is death the end? The Ancient Wisdom can seriously improve your life!!!”

Presented to Bangor Lodge, 30th August, 2011

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We Are All Grail Knights

A talk presented by Wayne Gatfield (Bolton Lodge) and sponsored by the Foundation for Theosophical Studies.

“This talk will explore the symbolic meaning of the ‘Grail’ as a spititual quest for our own life journey to find the truth, overcoming many obstacles, fighting our own dragons, developing the required qualities along the way eventually reaching our goal

To receive the Grail’s most sacred treasure.

This talk will at the tales from all around the world that relate to the Grail and Theosophical parallels will be discussed”

Presented to Bangor Lodge, 12th July 2011.

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