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Understanding Death – Humanity’s Big Challenge

A talk by Tim Wyatt

Humanity faces a bewildering set of challenges – environmentally, socially and economically but above all spiritually. It has many lessons to learn before it can begin to live harmoniously as one family. Perhaps the biggest challenge in the West is to radically re-define our attitudes to death. Once we see our lives on Earth as part of an endless cycle of reincarnation, we can begin to reduce the fear that death still causes for millions.

Nevertheless, a radical shift has begun. More and more people are rejecting the vague explanations offered by religions and science as to what happens when we die. They describe themselves as spiritual but not  religious, and they are seeking deeper and more logical truths. In this talk Tin Wyatt explains how the Ageless Wisdom teachings offer compelling and comprehensive guidance on death, re-birth and karma.

Presented to Bangor Lodge, 9th April, 2019. Sponsored by the National Speaker Charity no. 1167737