Seven Steps to Eternity – Alchemy and Beyond

A talk given by Tim Wyatt of Bradford Lodge.

Exploring the history of Alchemy on both a material and spiritual level, it’s role in the development of modern science, and the connection between teachings of some members of the Theosophical Society and the practice of Alchemy.

April 17th, 2010  in Sacred Sciences 1 Comment »

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  • timothy griffin says:

    it ways ok but not real practicality should of talked more a bought the mental vibrations of vices in to virtue how to over come our lower animal self s until human consciousness shines like the sun that’s true alchemy science of the spirit how to over come our dark side turning it in to light by using the sexual fire right in man in stead of wasting in raising it to the higher centers in the brain over coming the lower reptilian brain then ones a can man will walk with the gods wen he finds the true spiritual sun with in but he must make this sun and then resurrect this light out of his being and once a gain a waken to the spiritual world with in him this you see man lives in a very unregenerate state of consciousness he thinks he is a wake wen he is a sleep he is living in the lower astral world of his being he is moon being who is eating him self and the world to over come these lower vibration of the lower astral that he is know living in he must find the inner sun the Christ of his being to save him and pull him our of these lower vibrations man is a trapped spirit crucified in the world of matter the secrets of true alchemy our in the sun and moon the sun must eat the moon not the moon the sun our then we all become vampires which is what we really our all becoming now study the nature of the vampire then you will see were i am coming from yours in LVX may all become light

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