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Life, Death, and Immortality

‘Inwardly we are Immortal Beings, but we have forgotten, as our thoughts became overlaid with the illusions of our transient nature.’

This talk touches on the twin laws of reincarnation and karma, but tries to give pointers as to how we can regain awareness of our Immortality.

Presented to Bangor Lodge, 26th February, 2019

Sponsored by the Foundation for Theosophical Studies

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Death for Beginners

A talk by Tim Wyatt

“The intriguing story of where we go, who we meet and what we get up to in between our physical lives on Earth and how to be prepared.”

With extensive Q&A at the end.

Presented to Bangor Lodge, 10th March, 2015.

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Rebirth – The Soul’s Journey

A Talk by Kate Fletcher.

“The miracle of our birth is but a part of the amazing journey of the reincarnating Soul as it leaves behind the bliss of Devachan to once more face the challenges of earthly life”

Presented to Bangor Lodge, 11th November, 2014

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